Dog evades police in daring motorway chase

Adam Parris-Long

Police officers were caught out by a dog after it made a deadly dash down a bustling motorway.

The daring canine, thought to have been a Yorkshire Terrier, had escaped from a crashed car in an incident that brought the highway in Arizona, US, to a standstill. It then managed to evade two police officers on motorbikes that had stopped to rescue the animal.

After a lengthy pursuit it was eventually caught by officer Martin Bennett who had been caught out by the dog’s quick reactions. "You know when they slip out and they get into traffic it can cause a lot of problems, as with any live animals on the freeway,” he said. “Really our concern is to get them to safety as well as keep the freeway moving and also keep it safe for everybody else out here driving."

The Department of Public Safety officer, who stands and six foot ten inches tall, said that he had already endured a number of jokes over the incident. “I’m sure this will be mentioned at my retirement party years from now,” he said. “I was just happy to get the dog and get him to safety".

The Yorkshire Terrier was returned to its owner who had been taken to hospital for treatment.