A dog is fighting for his life after being poisoned from a deadly bite while playing at the park

English Bulldog Breezy, one, has just come out of emergency surgery after vets believe he was bitten by either a deadly snake or spider.

Owner Millie Batten, 23, was walking him in their local park in Surrey, as she does most days, when she believes Breezy was bitten.

The next day, July 17, the pooch developed heavy swelling on his neck, and she rushed him to her vet to be looked over.

At first, the vet was happy it was nothing serious and discharged Breezy - prescribing him a course of antibiotics to combat any infection.

But, two days later, Breezy's condition worsened and the swelling spread from his neck and chin to his lower body and chest.

Millie revisited the vet, who said that his infection had indeed spread, and that he would have to make multiple incisions to drain the purulent fluid from his wounds.

The NHS nurse, from Sutton, Surrey, said: "Everything happened so fast, we didn't even have time to process it.

"One minute he was happy and playing as normal after the vert originally saw him - but then a few days later he was ill again.

"Breezy was sleepy, lethargic, continually panting and his swelling had ballooned up to triple the size.

"The vet identified a build up of purulent fluid in and around his wound which needed to be removed through a number of incisions.

Filmed 18th July

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