One big bundle of puppy love: Irish Red Setter first-time mum has litter of SEVENTEEN

First-time mother Quassia vom Wandsberg gave birth to the huge litter in Germany

For most mothers - two or three babies is enough.

But four-year-old Quassia vom Wandsbarg the Irish setter has welcomed a 17-strong litter of adorable puppies.

The first time mother, who is a Irish red setter living with a family in Germany, must have been exhausted after a long labour.

The adorable puppes will be carefully looked after by their mother and owner. (Photo by Action Press/REX)

Exhausted: Quassia Vom Wandsbarg with some of her puppies. (Photo by Action Press/REX)

Although 17 puppies is short of the world-record set by a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia - who welcomed a brood of 24 pooches in 2004 - Quassia must be pleased with her lot.

Sadly two of Quassia's litter did not survive the birth on November 1.

Quassia and her owners will care for the remaining 15 for four months until the glossy-haired puppies are rehomed.
I'm tired too! The glossy-haired Irish red setter dogs lost two of their siblings shortly after birth. (Photo by …