Dog goes viral on TikTok after pretending to sleep as owner attempts to retrieve plastic from her mouth

A dog has gone viral after hilariously pretending to snooze as her owners tried to retrieve a hidden object from her mouth. In the popular video, 5-year-old chihuahua-corgi mix, Roxie, keeps her eyes firmly shut with her mouth clamped around an unknown object. Her owners insist she open her mouth but the pup feigns sleep. At one point, the cheeky pooch even peeks an eye open to check her owner is still there. The video has gone viral online, racking up more than 1.6 million likes after Roxie’s owner, Bianca Coronado, 28, shared it on TikTok – where it was also viewed more than 8 million times. “Roxie’s very spunky, sweet and silly,” Bianca, who is from California, US, said. “She’s so funny and she’s like a little human. “During the video, my boyfriend gets home and notices she has something in her mouth. “She loves my boyfriend so she’s such a baby with him and silly.” Coronado and her partner later discovered the object was a piece of plastic from a toy, which they were able to safely retrieve – but not until Roxie had had her fun. The popular pup received more than 12,000 comments during her 15 minutes of fame, with viewers won over by her cheeky attitude. One fan said: “She is precious, geez.” “I think she deserves to keep whatever she has in her mouth,” another insisted. This footage was filmed on April 21.