Hero pug wins bravery award after saving family from electrical fire

Meet Jaxson, he’s the fluffy four-legged hero who has just been honoured after saving his family from a fire.

The toothy pug has been hailed as a ‘hometown hero’ in the U.S. city of Meridian, Idaho, after alerting his family to a potentially fatal electrical fire.

It all started on August 29 when he noticed sparks coming from an extension cable, which turned to flames only moments later.

But ever the quick-thinking hero, Jaxson rushed to inform Todd Lavoie and Michelle Sebree in the only way he knew how - barking. 

Jaxson was on hand when this socket began sparking (Picture: Facebook)

Now he’s the proud owner of an award that recognises ‘outstanding bravery’ and ‘heroic values of courage, compassion, character, initiative and responsibility.’

Posting on Facebook, the City of Meridian government wrote: ‘Jaxson the pug became the first pet in Meridian history to receive the Hometown Hero award tonight! 

‘Jaxson helped alert his owners to an electrical fire that could have been very destructive. Every local television station was present when he received his award so be sure to tune in to one of the local stations tonight!’

He’s since become quite the star - and some are even suggesting that a career in the Oval Office could be on the horizon.

S city spokesperson said: ‘Firefighters determined that if it were not for Jaxson, the house, its contents, lives, and memories would have been greatly damaged as Todd would not have been notified about the fire until the fire alarms were tripped.’

We salute you, Jaxson. You’re the hero we all need right now.