Dog rescued by coastguard after falling into River Thames near Tilbury

Members of the Gravesend RNLI volunteers with the dog they saved near Tilbury
-Credit: (Image: Chris Turner)

An exploratory dog ended up in a rather cold and wet situation when they fell into the River Thames near Tilbury and had to be rescued by the local coastguard. The inquisitive pooch had been near to Tilbury Fort when they fell 14 feet into the Thames.

Gravesend RNLI’s Atlantic 85 made the short distance across the Thames to Tilbury and arrived on scene within 60 seconds. They immediately spotted the dog’s owner leaning over the Thames Path wall.

With 10 minutes left of a rising tide, the volunteer crew successfully located the dog in water desperately clawing at the wall. The lifeboat’s crew eventually safely got the dog on board.

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RNLI Thames Commander Andy Colley said the call-out had come as quite the surprise to their team. They said: "We had already had a busy day, what with a tasking at 8:21am to Erith and then a day of exercise, we were just getting ready for shift handover and the direct line from London Coastguard rang."

Tilbury Port Line Hander Chris Turner added: "I’d just finished with the departure of a vessel and when returning to my vehicle I noticed the lifeboat with the flashing blue lights against the shore, next minute it was coming towards me, I didn’t expect them to moor up at Tilbury Terminal with a dog on board!’.

RNLI volunteer Aaron Reynolds said "‘It’s always a great feeling to witness the reuniting of a dog with its owner, especially after jumping a 14ft wall into a wet landing in the Thames!"

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