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Dog has stunning reaction to feeling baby move for the first time

Dogs might be the only creatures as innocent as children. So it’s never shocking when the two have a special relationship.

The bond between this canine and baby is blossoming even before the infant is born. TikTok mom Mary Shell shared the moment her dog Charlotte felt her baby move for the first time.

Watching the connection between Charlotte and her future best friend unfold hit people right in the feels.

“Charlotte felt our baby move. Look at her reaction,” the video text said.

The dog had her head pressed up against the mom’s bump. When the baby moved, the dog readjusted herself to get even closer. Charlotte’s ears looked alert as she listened.

The touching video received 11.1 million views and 1.4 million likes on TikTok.

“Awww she could hear the baby too, she’s going to be an amazing fur sister to her human,” a user said.

“Our neighbors were over and our lab kept sniffing her stomach, he found out she was pregnant before we did,” another wrote.

“The bond between your new baby and your puppy is being made now and for years to come,” someone added.

“My dog was like that with my pregnant belly. Once that baby was born he was so devoted to my son,” a TikToker commented.

“Had three babies and my dog would sleep with her head on or near my stomach every night of pregnancy and move back to the end of the bed after birth,” a person replied.

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