Dog uses doggy brother as her own personal seating

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This adorable dog has no problem with the command 'sit' except she likes to use her big brother -- as a cushion.

Four-year-old rescue dog Ellie ignores a basket and much prefers to sit, or lie, across her five-year-old brother Scruffy.  

Owner Thais Pennino, 33, said: "I don't know what started it. For some reason she just started sitting on him."

She adopted Ellie from a shelter when she was three-and-a-half months old as a companion for Scruffy and the two hit it off immediately.

Thais, of Exmore, Virginia, USA, added: "Scruffy will be laying there and Ellie will have plenty of spaces to go, sit and lay down. 

"But she'll go up to Scruffy, turn around and start backing up to sit down. She still does it to this day. I don't understand why."

For his part, Scruffy usually takes it in stride. 

"He doesn't bark or get mean. He's just like 'okay, I'm going to get from under you now'," Thais added. 

"When she was lighter he didn't really mind or care, but now that's she's put on weight, he tries to get from under her depending on where she's sitting."

Though sometimes Scruffy will take his revenge and sit on Ellie. 

Thais added: "If we catch her before she does it we'll tell her to stop, but sometimes we'll come in and she's already doing it and we have to tell her to move.

"They don't do anything without the other. They love each other. They can't stand to be apart."