Dog Walkers Warned After Plastic Poo Bags Found In Deer’s Stomach

Dog owners have been told to clear up their pets’ mess after a deer was found with a stomach full of plastic poo bags.

The animal’s insides were inspected following the annual deer cull at Bradgate Park in Newton Linford.

It is believed the deer was in good health despite eating the bags full of dog mess.

However, Peter Tyldesley, director of the Bradgate Park Trust, said that the bags were potentially lethal to wildlife and that dog owners should always clear up.

He told the BBC: “When we examined its internal organs, to make sure its not got any parasites or diseases, we found the stomach was full of plastic dog poo bags.”

"This is the first time that one has been walking around apparently healthy… you do wonder how many animals out there have ingested a whole load of plastic.”

He believes the deer may be eating the bags thinking they contain discarded food from picnics.

Pic: Rex