'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan claims Major Biden not to blame for biting incidents

Just over a week after President Biden’s dog Major was involved in his second nipping incident, “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan did an interview with Fox News Primetime in which he came to the defense of the presidential pup. Host Mark Steyn questioned if the White House environment, the large number of people working there or the fact that Major is a rescue have anything to do with Major’s behavior, but Millan shut down all of those.

“We can't blame the dog. That's the first thing we have to understand is, we can't blame the dog,” Millan said. “We have to take full responsibility of how to introduce a dog into an environment first, and then introduce the dog to new people so he gains the trust, the respect and the love. Then you have harmony.”

As for the question about there being too many people at the White House, Millan explained that being around a lot of people is actually a good thing.

“That makes him more social. He has more friends,” Millan said. “This is a big opportunity here. If everybody understands the same thing and practices the same behavior, everybody’s going to be Major’s best friend.”

As for the question of Major being a rescue as the problem, Millan was adamant that just because a dog is a rescue doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with it.

“We all have issues. We all come with issues,” Millan said. “After 20 years of age, people have issues. So, a rescue dog is a dog that had issues and they were placed into a shelter. It doesn't mean he can't go back to normal.”