Dogs of Instagram: Famous furry influencers to follow for your daily cute puppy fix

Margaret Abrams

Some days, social media can be bleak. For those looking to lighten their Instagram feeds, we've rounded up the best pupfluencers.

What sets these doggies apart? In our search we looked not only for those with large followings (over 10k - although we did make a few exceptions) but a bit of personality and a good mix of breeds too, from tiny daschunds to golden doodles.

These pups are from all over the world, but if you want to go local, head here for New York City's best Instagram dogs.


Loulou the mini dachshund is one of the most entertaining pups on Instagram, living a life of leisure on a farm in the Netherlands. Loulou even eats better than most humans, enjoying a mostly raw diet and fresh fruit and vegetables. Hit follow for Loulou’s adventures with hedgehogs, sugar gliders and ducklings.

Natural habitat: Playing with farm friends.


Norbert is only three pounds but his personality is much larger than that. He has more than 1.8 million fans who buy his merch and follow his philanthropic endeavors, including doling out high fives to friends. The registered therapy dog (and influencer) is a mix of Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier, and Lhasa Apso, making him one of a kind.

Natural habitat: Norbert regularly volunteers at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. He also spends time with his little brother, golden retriever Fred.


Future service dog Barclay is currently serving as the St. Louis Blues hockey team's mascot. He's even helped them out on the ice by (mostly) playing with the puck.

Natural habitat: In the rink.


Margo Bean the Frenchie is one chic pup, spending time in sunglasses and flower crowns - she's basically ready for Coachella, which makes sense, as she is based in California. Follow for festival season fashion inspiration. Her motto is "Treat yourself," which truly explains her entire aesthetic.

Natural habitat: Anywhere with accessories.


Pickles only has 4,000 followers but certainly deserves more for being an extremely good girl.

Natural habitat: Pickles loves nature even more than guys on Tinder who won't stop posting hiking pictures.


Rufus and Scooter provide the entertainment of two pups but you only have to follow one account. The long-haired miniature dachshunds live in Canada, where they spend time in the snow and inside their tiny teepee.

Natural habitat: They're more adventurous than your favorite travel blogger, hanging out in the snow (in matching Santa Claus costumes, obviously) or running through the sand on a California beach.


Benson the Doodle is a certified #pupfluencer, providing his 19,000 Instagram followers with perfectly filtered photos for a carefully curated grid. The Australian Labradoodle lives in Seattle and isn't afraid of a little #sponcon.

Natural habitat: In bed.


Tungsten is a noted bowtie enthusiast who definitely knows how to accessorize, whether it's tiny socks or a faux fur parka hood.

Natural habitat: Wearing a tiny hat, backpack or bunny ears.


Another two pups worth a single follow are Kaladin and Storm, Aussie brothers living in Colorado. When they're not frolicking in the snow, they're hanging in a hammock or posing in front of mountainous backdrops that look like screensavers.

Natural habitat: Swimming, hiking, or sitting by the fire.


Prepare for double trouble in the form of Lychee and Mochee, two corgis who like dressing up and always look like they’re making a meme.

Natural habitat: Wearing complimentary ensembles, whether it’s wedding gear or Santa hats on the beach.


This Cavalier King Charles will be the most beautiful pup on your feed by far.

Natural habitat: Staging glamorous photoshoots with Starbucks cups and tutus, just like a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw - only far cuter.