Curious Dog Is Completely Mind-Blown By A Lemon Slice

Wanna know how to keep a dog busy? Just check out Reeses the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever completely losing it over a slice of lemon! Hilarious! The footage of this curious dog being introduced to lemons will definitely brighten your day. The adorable pooch is completely mind-blown by the lemon slice and his reaction to this new sour taste is priceless.This pooch is dancing around the lemon slice, mesmerized by its sour taste. Doggie looks puzzled by the strange taste of lemon and tries to bite it but cannot handle the strong taste. Adorable! Like cats getting scared of cucumbers, the latest viral phenomenon among some pet parents is giving their dogs or puppies a taste of a lemon. Videos capturing dogs wincing at the fruit are circling social websites, and they’re leaving a bitter taste with some concerned pet parents. While some animal advocates see the clips as cruel, others are wondering if it is unsafe for dogs to eat lemons as well. Lemon juice is likely not your dog's drink of choice, but he can look cleaner, feel healthier and may even behave better with help from this tart tonic. Of course, you should consult with your veterinarian if you are contemplating supplementing your dog's diet with lemon juice as a source of vitamin C. Just because your precious doggy shows an interest in the yummy citrus fruits you eat and use in cooking, don't immediately assume they're harmless to him. Assumptions are often a recipe for disaster. If your dog accidentally eats any type of citrus, it's smart to contact your vet. Apart from the fact that your dog may reject the sour taste, it's very important to keep your pet away from lemons. The ASPCA notes that the fruit is indeed toxic to dogs. The poisonous components are the psoralen compounds and the aromatic oils. If your doggie gets his paws on a lemon, he may experience unpleasant side effects including diarrhea, throwing up and even unusual light sensitivity.