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This furry fella put on his glad rags for polling day (Twitter/thoughtorgan)

Dogs at polling stations: Everyone's favourite general election hashtag returns

General elections are by their very nature divisive. They’re the cause of dinner table bickering, office eye-rolling and reams of unwelcome rants.

But if there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that #DogsAtPollingStations is the perfect gift on election day.

The hashtag sprung up a few years ago, and sees politically active pet owners posting pics of their beloved pooches as they accompany their owners to cast their votes.

This time around though, the dedicated hashtag now has its own Emoji – and it’s all down to the Dogs Trust, who are encouraging polling stations to make sure that they are also functioning as ‘pawing stations’ for our four legged friends.

They advise that dog owners should take a friend with them so that dogs aren’t tied up outside.

They’re also asking polling stations to have a water bowl and, if possible, provide a sheltered place for anyone waiting with their dog. 

Of course the doggies can’t actually have their say in the election, but they sure can offer some all-important moral support to their humans, who may well be suffering from a nasty case of election fatigue.