Dolly Parton’s New Cast-Iron Pan Collection Includes a Guitar-Shaped Skillet

The line includes the cutest miniature guitar-shaped skillet.



Saying that Dolly Parton is a Tennessee icon is a little like saying that Nashville is kind of into country music. A couple of years ago, the Tennessee state legislature even introduced a bill to design, build, and place a giant statue of Parton on the grounds of the state Capitol — an honor that the country star declined, saying that she “didn’t think putting [her] on a pedestal is appropriate at this time.” But one honor Parton did accept was being featured on a line of cast iron cookware made by Tennessee-born skillet-maker Lodge. 

Lodge’s just-released Dolly Parton collection features four cast iron pieces inspired by Parton’s back catalog of songs, her Tennessee heritage, and her impeccable vibe. “Each piece is cast to last for generations of meal-making,” Lodge writes on its website. “Featuring a naturally seasoned cooking surface made with just iron and oil, each piece is as cookable as it is collectible.” 

The collection includes a 10.25-inch cast iron skillet embossed with a profile image of Parton looking at a butterfly, a design that Lodge says “celebrates all the ways that Dolly has transformed the way we see the world, and how she inspires everyone to live with a bigger heart.”

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The 12-inch cast iron skillet features one of Parton’s acoustic guitars that has been embellished with a set of butterfly wings, an image inspired by Parton’s 1974 “Love is Like a Butterfly” record. The largest skillet in the collection is a 13-inch number, and the larger surface means it boasts the most elaborate image, with a smiling image of Parton floating above a Tennessee landscape. Written below is the phrase “I can see the light of a clear blue morning,” which is a line from her 1977 song of the same name.



The final piece of the collection is a very cute mini-skillet shaped like an acoustic guitar, with Parton’s signature reproduced in the center. Lodge says that the skillet is the perfect size for a “single portion of cornbread” — and it’s obviously just begging for you to pretend to strum it while you dance around your kitchen scream-singing the chorus of “Jolene.”

"Home is as much a state of mind as it is a place for me. I am excited to share these new kitchenware collections inspired by my childhood memories,” Parton said in a statement provided to The Tennessean. “While we didn't have much that money could buy growing up, spending time with family over a meal created priceless moments that have lasted me a lifetime. It is my hope that these products will be a part of wonderful memories for you.”

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The suggested retail prices for these pieces range from $22.95 for the guitar-shaped mini-skillet to $54.95 for the 13-inch “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” skillet. Lodge’s Dolly Parton collection will be available to purchase through Lodge’s online store, at Cracker Barrel restaurants, and on

The news of Parton's cast-iron collection comes on the heels of her cookbook announcement from last week. The 272-page tome, which will be released in September, was written with her sister Rachel Parton George and features 80 recipes — including 12 multicourse holiday menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions.

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