Dolph Lundgren on the Awkwardness of Being the Guy Who Killed Apollo Creed ... at the Premiere of 'Creed'

Yahoo Movies had the opportunity to sit down with Kindergarten Cop 2 star Dolph Lundgren, and during that conversation, we had the chance to ask him about Creed.

Lundgren famously starred as Ivan Drago in the Rocky franchise. In Rocky IV, Drago squares off against Apollo Creed and, in doing so, kills Creed in the ring. This sets the events of the 2015 film, Creed, in motion. This is something Lundgren humorously forgot  about — until he didn’t. Speaking about attending the premiere, Lundgren recalled, “I was sitting there, and the lights went down. They were dimmed. There’s about 600, 700 people in the theater, and suddenly it dawns on me: ‘Wait a second. Isn’t this a picture about a guy whose dad was beaten to death by a Soviet fighter?’ And I was like, ‘Oh s***. That’s me.’”

While Drago may have fought Rocky in the past, it was all love for the man now. Lundgren had nothing but praise for Stallone. “I thought it was a great picture,” Lundgren said. “I thought Sly was great. … Obviously, the director really got to him about some personal matters. … I thought he should have won the Oscar, really. I really do.”

Lundgren did feel Rocky IV was better in one respect. You probably won’t guess what it is. “I hate to say it, but Sly and I were in pretty damn good shape in Rocky IV,” he shared. “I mean, physically, you know, so I think that’s hard to beat, that movie.”

Dolph Lundgren Reads Nursery Rhymes as Ivan Drago:

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