Dolph Lundgren Talks First Horror Movie 'Don't Kill It,' Teases He Could Soon Be in a 'DC Comics Kind of Thing'

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Dolph Lundgren has made well over 50 movies, and the vast majority of them have been bullet-riddled and blood-soaked. But his latest release, Don’t Kill It, marks his very first go-round in the “splatter” realm. “It’s my first horror movie that I’ve done,” Lundgren told Yahoo Movies during a Facebook Live interview this week (watch above). “What I liked about it is it has some action — the main character’s a bit like Clint Eastwood meets Indiana Jones — but it’s also funny.”

Directed by genre vet Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!), the gory horror-fantasy stars Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley, a mercenary of the mystical who arrives in a sleepy Mississippi town after an ancient demon begins taking over bodies and turning them into murderous blood-lusters. (The twist: Once someone kills the person whose vessel the demon has possessed, it moves into the killer, creating one nasty, deadly cycle.)

The 59-year-old Swedish-born actor best known for Rocky IV, Universal Soldier, and the Expendables movies is one of the hardest working fellas in showbiz, though he revealed that his IMDB profile, which lists 15 projects ABOVE Don’t Kill It (meaning they’re either brand-new, or in the pipeline) is misleading.

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“A lot of that stuff is not stuff that’s going on, people just get it on there and you have to go through certain procedures to get it off,” Lundgren said.

But the man who once played He-Man did tease a “secret project” that could be on the horizon, something he called “three times bigger” than the Expendables movies. “It’s a DC Comics kind of thing. It’s not such a kick-ass role, it’s a little more of an acting role, which will be fun. But still drawing on my Masters of the Universe persona, whatever that is.”

Pressed on whether he meant an actual DC Comics project, or just “like one,” Lundgren laughed it off (“No, not really”) and delivered a playful punch to host Kevin Polowy’s stomach. And since no one wants get beat up by Dolph Lundgren, we’ll let everyone else do the speculating on what that role could be.

‘Don’t Kill It ‘is now in theaters. Watch the trailer: