Dolphin Steals Surfers' Wave Off Southern California Coast

Surfers Tim Earling and Jason Owen were shown up by a different ocean creature during their early-morning surf session on September 9 at Redondo Beach, California.

The video shows the two surfers starting to paddle on the same wave when, all of a sudden, a large dolphin jumps out of the water between their two surfboards.

“Both of us stopped paddling, as we were a bit shocked by what we just saw. We were stunned and shocked that a dolphin had just stolen our wave,” Owen told Storyful.

Owen said that there were about 10 more dolphins swimming in the water beneath them, which was only about 10 feet deep and relatively close to shore.

“It was a humbling and surreal moment and one I’m glad we were able to capture on camera,” said Owen, who had recorded the event on a camera that was set up on shore.

Earling and Owen have been surfing together for a while, but this was the closest dolphins had ever come to them. Credit: Jason Owen via Storyful