Dolphins Leap Alongside Surfers in Australia's Byron Bay

Surfers, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts in Byron Bay, New South Wales, were treated to a spectacular display February 20 as the resident bottlenose dolphins leapt out of the water alongside the beachgoers.

Nature photographer Luke Taylor captured video of the pods of dolphins emerging from the waves time and again, swimming and playing right alongside the surfers.

“Watching this take place, you could really feel the joy that they were having and also the joy of all the surfers in the ocean with them,” Taylor told Storyful.

The dolphins can be seen jumping out of the water in synchrony, flipping through the air and even catching the waves next to some of the surfers as they looked on in awe.

“It was a special moment in time and I was lucky enough to capture most of it on video,” Taylor told Storyful.

Byron Bay is home to a group of about 100 bottlenose dolphins, according to the local tour company Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay. Credit: Luke Taylor via Storyful