Domestic violence charges against Nick Diaz dismissed

Multiple domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in Las Vegas earlier this year against MMA fighter Nick Diaz were dismissed on Thursday. (Getty Images)

The domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in Las Vegas earlier this year against UFC fighter Nick Diaz were dismissed on Thursday, according to

The Clark County district attorney declined to pursue the case against Diaz, and a judge dismissed the case “with prejudice” on Thursday morning — meaning it has been permanently dismissed.

“Throughout this ordeal [the alleged victim] has given multiple inconsistent versions of what occurred and recently testified before the Grand Jury to a third version,” Diaz’s attorney Ross Goodman said in a statement. “Further, the medical records made clear that [the alleged victim] did not suffer any fractures, subluxation of dislocation, soft tissue damage or any substantial bodily injuries expected from such allegations.

“The videos she posted prior to this incident clearly shows someone who is motivated by revenge because Nick was seeing other women. Truth delayed is better than no truth at all and I trust that the ultimate dismissal of all charges with prejudice will be viewed as total vindication for Nick and clears his name from being associated with such horrific but false allegations.”

Diaz was arrested in May after he allegedly threw a woman to the ground and choked her during an argument at a Las Vegas home. Diaz was reportedly “combative” with officers during his arrest, and the woman told police that he had been using cocaine.

The 34-year-old was charged with felony domestic battery by strangulation and misdemeanor domestic battery. Prosecution added two more charges in July — battery constituting domestic violence by strangulation and battery domestic violence resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Diaz thanked his fans who stuck with him throughout the ordeal shortly after the case was dismissed:

Diaz last fought in January 2015 when he beat Anderson Silva via unanimous decision at UFC 183. The decision, however, was overturned and changed to a no contest after both Diaz and Silva failed drug tests. Diaz, who holds a 26-10 career record, came off a 12-month suspension in April after failing to appear for three drug tests. He has not yet announced a return to the UFC.

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