Dominic Cummings to be asked whether the Government was too slow in ordering lockdowns

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Dominic Cummings is to be asked next Wednesday for his verdict on whether the Government was too slow in ordering lockdowns to protect Britain from the Covid-19pandemic.

Boris Johnson’s former senior adviser will appear before a joint session of the health and social care committee and the science and technology committee at 9.30am.

The session for the inquiry, called Coronavirus: Lessons Learnt, will be televised.

“The Prime Minister’s former Chief Adviser Dominic Cummings will face questions on decisions taken, during his time working in Government, to deal with the threat of Covid-19,” the committees said.

“The joint inquiry of the Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committee is considering what lessons can be drawn from the Government’s handling of the pandemic that could be applied now and in the future.”

Mr Cummings is known to have strongly made the case for a second lockdown in the autumn which the Prime Minister has been accused of being too slow in ordering.

The hearing is expected to focus on:

* Decision-making in the early months of the pandemic.

* The level of scientific evidence available to the Government.

* Its border policy.

* The effectiveness of its public health messaging and communications.

“* The timing of lockdowns and other restrictions, procurement processes.

* Decisions about community testing and contact tracing.

Mr Cummings has already been scathing in his criticism of the Department for Health and Social Care at the height the crisis as it struggled to get personal protective equipment for health and social care staff.

Dominic Cummings
Dominic Cummings

He yesterday threatened Mr Johnson with the release of “a crucial historical document” that would expose decision-making in the first Covid lockdown.

He tweeted out a startling poll, asking the social media audience whether he should auction the document for a charity in aid of coronavirus victims or hand it over to the Commons inquiry or publish it on his blog.

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