Dominic Monaghan reveals why he’s never watched an episode of Lost

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Dominic Monaghan reveals why he’s never watched an episode of Lost

Lost star Dominic Monaghan has revealed that he’s never watched an episode of the hit ABC series.

Monaghan starred as rockstar and drug addict Charlie Pace in the show, which ran for six seasons until 2010.

In an interview with People, Monaghan said he’s not a fan of watching his past work.

“It’s just not something I do,” he explained. “I lived those things so completely, I don’t need to repeat them to have the experience.”

The star went on to note that he’s never watched an episode of Lost and hasn’t watched Lord of the Rings, in which he starred as, in 15 years.

“I’m aware that it was a good show and I’m aware that clearly, people are continuing to like it now,” he said. “People will come over to me on the street and they’ve written, ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ on their hand or people will tell me that it was their favourite character or that their kids have just got into it.

Dominic Monaghan (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)
Dominic Monaghan (Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

“It’s certainly found an audience and continues to do so,” he continued.

“It became kind of a piece of pop culture. I was happy to be involved in a show that for a while there was the biggest TV show in the world.”

Monaghan next stars as detective Paul Sarno in the AMC+ drama Moonhaven, and as a Sherlock Holmes villain in the Audible podcast series Moriarty: The Devil’s Game.

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