Dominic West Says He’s Relieved “The Crown ”Is Over After Spending ‘Two Days in Bed’ Once He 'Read All the Reviews'

"I’m a sensitive soul. I worry about what people think,” West said on BBC Radio 4’s 'Today' show

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Dominic West is getting candid about the weight of The Crown.

When asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today show about whether he was worried about the royal family’s reaction to his portrayal of King Charles in the Netflix drama, the 54-year-old actor shared that he was affected by not only the royal family’s reaction, but everyone else’s as well.

“All reactions worry me. You know, I read all the reviews and I spent two days in bed,” West admitted. “So yes, I’m a sensitive soul. I worry about what people think.”

The actor, who currently stars in the theater production of A View from the Bridge, jokingly added, “It’s such a relief to now go back to theater and not have to talk about the monarchy any more.”

<p>Justin Downing/Netflix</p> Dominic West as Prince Charles in <em>The Crown</em> Season 6.

Justin Downing/Netflix

Dominic West as Prince Charles in The Crown Season 6.

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He also revealed that while he had been initially “reluctant to take" on the role of Charles, he ultimately “loved” the part and working on the show.

“You don't turn down a Peter Morgan script very easily. He’s such a great writer and it’s such a great show and I love being on it,” West said.

“I loved wearing the clothes. I loved driving the cars, and I loved having people bow to me. It's an absolutely wonderful feeling. I miss it,” he said with a laugh.

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West, who has portrayed Charles since season 5 of the drama inspired by the lives of the British royals, told PEOPLE last month that his role in the Netflix show changed his perception of the royal family.

“I suppose one’s perception is so dictated by what you read in the media and what you see in their public persona that working on trying to find out what’s going on privately and what’s going on in their minds and what’s going on in their private conversations,” West said of the task as an actor.

<p>Justin Downing</p> Dominic West as Prince Charles, Olivia Williams as Camilla in <em>The Crown</em>, Season 6.

Justin Downing

Dominic West as Prince Charles, Olivia Williams as Camilla in The Crown, Season 6.

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“Peter [Morgan] imagines them so brilliantly and base grounds them very firmly in whatever facts we have, that I suppose I came to emphasize much more, certainly, with Charles and feel a sympathy for him.”

The cast of The Crown famously changed every two seasons to reflect the royals aging through the decades of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, and West closed the role of then-Prince Charles, which Josh O’Connor originated in season 3 and continued into season 4.

He added that he thought the “big emotional scenes" — which he described as “wonderful for an actor” — were the ones that he was most worried about when filming in season 6, particularly a scene in the hospital in Paris where Charles “bawls” over the death of Princess Diana.

“I read that and thought, ‘How does a famously buttoned-up family, famously unemotional family, what are they like in times of high emotion when something deeply traumatic happens?' I was very worried about it, then, of course, comes the day you’re doing it and you’re acting, looking at the body of Diana and what you’ve got is a cross on a map box, that’s what you’ve got to look at. They’re difficult, those scenes,” he said. “And I suppose those are the ones I was most worried about.”

All seasons of The Crown are now streaming on Netflix.

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