Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain: ITV’s new live quiz show with Alexander Armstrong reveals what the public really think

Ben Travis

ITV have either had a huge stroke of luck or pulled off the biggest PR stunt of all time.

On the day the channel launches its new quiz show about polling the public, Prime Minister Theresa May has called for a General Election.

While June 8 will bring one hugely important question for Brits to ponder, Don’t Ask Me Ask Britain is posing smaller queries.

The series, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, brings together two celebrity panels captained by Jonathan Ross and Frank Skinner.

Host: Alexander Armstrong (Tim P. Whitby/Getty)

The questions here aren’t fact-based – they’re objective opinion-based conundrums, and the ‘correct’ answer comes from viewers at home.

The audience tuning in at home can play along with a free app download, where they can have their say on questions like: “If you saw someone leave £50 in a cash point, what would you do?”

The answer which gets the most votes is ‘correct’ – but will the panellists guess what the British public think?

In a year of huge political upheavals, it feels impossible to know what the public consciousness is thinking at the moment – this might be the most difficult quiz on TV right now.

ITV, 8pm