Don't look down! 'Urban explorers' scale Russian skyscrapers for dizzying views - without any safety equipment

One of the Russian daredevils dangles from a building in a stunning (but dangerous) snap (IVAN KUZNETSOV/CATERS) (IVAN KUZNETSOV/CATERS)

These stomach-turning pictures are taken by daredevil Russian 'urban explorers' who climb skyscrapers - without any safety equipment.

Ivan Kuznetsov, 19, joins a group of fearless climbers who scale and often hang from the edge of the highest buildings in Moscow in a bid to capture the dizzying view below.
Ivan and his friends refuse to wear any safety equipment as they sneak onto the roofs of skyscrapers over 1,000ft high including the Mercury City Tower - the tallest building in Europe.
One slip could send them plummeting to their deaths, but the thrill-seeking teenagers remain undeterred as they hang precariously close to the building's edge.
In one particularly stomach-churning image, the Russian daredevil can be seen dangling from the side of the skyscraper as he clings to the edge with his hands.
Ivan said: 'I am an urban explorer and I like to climb on the roofs with my friends.
'I've loved heights since I was a child. I'm attracted by the adrenaline I feel when I'm on top of a skyscraper.
'My job is a very dangerous occupation, I do not use any safety equipment.

'I have climbed the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Triumph-Palace, the Moscow international Business Centre and the Mercury City Tower, which at 1,112 ft, is the tallest building in Europe.
'To climb the skyscraper we need to be very fit as we often have to walk up 50 floors to reach the top.

'The main problems we face is climbing with all of our camera equipment, we also have to get past security.
'But I love the adrenaline rush and our pictures enable us to capture the beauty of the city from above.'

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