‘I don’t think I’m Bruce Springsteen’: Damian Lewis says his music career is a ‘mini mid-life crisis’

Damian Lewis has described his fledgling music career as a “mini mid-life crisis” in a new interview.

The Homeland star has recently started performing as a music artist, and is set to release an album titled Mission Creep.

According to Lewis, the release can be described as a “rootsy, jazzy, rock’n’rolly, singer-songwritery-type album”.

Speaking to The Guardian in a new interview, Lewis, who is also known for his breakthrough role in the war drama Band of Brothers, reflected on the tradition of actors turning to music.

“There’s nothing more annoying than an actor who thinks he’s Bruce Springsteen,” he said. “By the way, I don’t think I’m Bruce Springsteen.

“This is a mini midlife crisis, but it’s not a full-blown midlife crisis.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lewis discussed the grief he had experienced since the death of his wife, Peaky Blinders actor Helen McCrory, last year.

Asked whether the change in career direction was related to McCrory’s death, he replied: “Not consciously, but it’s inevitable there’s change.

“When you’ve been married to someone and they die prematurely, you’re left careering in a different direction. And that throws up… It’s a very fertile, very creative, raw, open time, as well as being flattening and difficult and sad. It’s all those things at once. Anybody who hasn’t been through it won’t fully understand, but I think anybody who has been through it will.”

Lewis can next be seen in the ITV espionage drama A Spy Among Friends.