Watch the moment a record-breaking daredevil skydives with world's smallest parachute

A daredevil skydiver has broken a world record by jumpng out of a plane - with the smallest parachute ever.
Extreme athlete Ernesto Gainza, made diving history by landing the 35 square foot parachute, which is the smallest chute any skydiver has jumped with.
The extreme canopy flight took place at the Palm Drop Zone, Dubai, UEA, on April 5, and was supported by Skydive Dubai.
The parachute was less than half the size of the smallest shoots currently used, and Renesto risked hs life to jump from the plane at 13,000 feet.
Ernesto is a Venezuelan test pilot for NZ Aerosports and a professional stunt man with more than 7,000 skydives under his belt.
Currently parachutes that range in size from 80-200 square feet are used, and over the last decade the development of high-performance canopy sizes have averaged between 70-90 square feet.

The jump was performed under highly experimental conditions and using specially designed prototype equipment.
With the significant reduction in size, the opening, flight and landing characteristics change dramatically, resulting in a spinning malfunction which could cause an almost instant loss of consciousness.

 Ernesto needed to have the right mental and physical preparation to be able to react decisively to any situation.
He said: 'Project  XCF  is  the  product  of  a man's  dream  to  fly and  land  the  world's  smallest parachute.

 'Regardless of the size of the challenge, a dream will always be a dream if there is no determination to make it reality.'

 The previous unofficial record for the smallest parachute landed is held by Luigi Cani, who jumped a 37 square foot canopy on New Year's Day, 2008.
After completing the jump Ernesto said: 'Many people may look at what I have achieved as a highly risky stunt.
'There has been a full team of highly experienced professionals involved in the execution of this unique, and highly dangerous world record. Months of preparation went into this.
'I'd like my next adventure to be on the ground now, as I really want to be a father so I will get busy in other ways to make this happen.
'I'm sure my wife doesn't want me to do another stunt like this anytime soon.'