Donald Cerrone 'happy to be alive' after experiencing total silt-out while diving in Mexico

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone said he is simply happy to be alive after experiencing a total silt-out on Friday while diving in a cave in Cozumel, Mexico. (Getty Images)

Donald Cerrone, better known in the MMA world as Cowboy, experienced what he called a “worst case scenario” while diving in a cave in Cozumel, Mexico, on Friday — and he’s just happy to be alive.

Cerrone said he experienced a “total silt-out,” which is when either divers or conditions cause sediment to fill the water column, creating a massive cloud underwater. It is almost impossible to see in those situations, and there is very little to do until the silt settles.

Cerrone wrote that he it was so dark, he couldn’t see his own hand in front of his face, lost track of where his friend was at underwater and lost the cave line.

Thankfully, everyone found a way out of the cave.

“Today I can honestly say I’m happy to be alive,” Cerrone wrote. “We had catastrophic worst case scenario on our dive. Total silt out, lost the cave line and lost my buddy, couldn’t see my own hands. (It) was the most scariest moment to this day in my life.

“I remember kissing Danger and Lindsay and saying I’ll see y’all soon. Don’t worry daddy’s coming home! Told the grim reaper, ‘Not today Mother F—–.’ I’m figuring this the f— out and coming home!”

Cerrone holds a 33-11 career record, though has lost four of his last five bouts. He is currently scheduled to take on Mike Perry in UFC Fight Night 139 on November 10 in Denver.

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