Donald Trump accidentally reveals plans for Mexican migrants by waving document in front of reporters

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Donald Trump accidentally revealed the deal with Mexico on immigration and trade while speaking with reporters (Reuters)

Donald Trump refused to discuss plans about his immigration deal with Mexico - but accidentally leaked some details while doing it.

Telling reporters that details of the deal were a “secret”, the President waved a piece of paper with plans written on it.

And some of those plans could be read relatively clearly as photographers took pictures of it.

The deal described a plan to designate Mexico a 'safe third country' (Reuters)

The paper revealed that Mexico is to be considered a “safe third country” - meaning asylum applications would be processed there instead of the United States.

It also stated that Mexico had committed to doing everything it could immediately to become a safe third country.

Other details included a reference to “45 days” - the amount of time for Mexico to show it can reduce the flow of migrants across the border with the US before other Latin American countries got involved in processing asylum claims.

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Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said yesterday that the country is now deploying some 6,000 National Guard personnel to the border with Guatemala.

He added: "You go to the south and the first thing you ask yourself is, 'Right, where's the border?' There's nothing.

”The idea is to make the south like the north as far as possible.”

The document states that Mexico agreed to examine its laws and potentially change them in order to implement the deal (Reuters)

Mexico has so far rejected plans to be designated a safe third country if this plan fails.

Mr Ebrard said: "We told them - I think it was the most important achievement of the negotiations - 'let's set a time period to see if what Mexico is proposing will work, and if not, we'll sit down and see what additional measures [are needed]’.

Trump refused to discuss the plans with reporters, saying they were 'secret' (Reuters)

"They wanted something else totally different to be signed. But that is what there is here. There is no other thing.”

Mr Ebrard added that Mexico had also dismissed US demands to see the country commit to "zero migrants" crossing its territory.