Donald Trump approval ratings: Only 16% of Americans like how the US President conducts himself

Lucy Pasha-Robinson
US leader's disapproval rating plummeted to a record low of 61 per cent at the beginning of August: REUTERS

Only 16 per cent of Americans like the way Donald Trump conducts himself as US President, a new poll has found.

A majority of voters (58 per cent) said they did not approve of the his conduct, while a quarter said they had mixed feelings about his behaviour in office.

The survey, published by the Pew Research Centre, also found 15 per cent of Americans agree with Mr Trump's stance on all or nearly all issues, while 45 per cent said they agreed with him on "no or almost no issues"

The findings also point to a growing political divide between Democrats and Republicans.

While 89 per cent of Democrats disapprove of Mr Trump's conduct, less than half of Republicans feel the same way, with 46 per cent saying they have mixed feelings over his presidency.

Just 16 per cent of Americans view Donald Trump’s conduct positively (Statista/The Independent)

Among Republicans 38 per cent said they agreed with him on many, but not all, issues, while 77 per cent of Democrats said they agreed with him on virtually no issues.

It comes after the US leader's approval rating plummeted to a record low at the beginning of August, with 61 per cent of Americans disapproving of his conduct.

The poll, which took place between 15 and 21 August, surveyed 1,893 Americans.