Donald Trump has given up the tops of burger buns to try and lose weight

Nick Reilly
Donald Trump is known for his love of fast food.
Donald Trump is known for his love of fast food.

Donald Trump is reportedly overhauling his diet in the White House, cutting down on his love of hamburgers and instead opting to eat fish.

The US President embarked upon a mission to shed 10 to 15 pounds in January, and acknowledged that he needs to lose weight.

But almost five months on, CNN reports that close Presidential aides have noticed a change in the diet that reflects his decision to follow medical orders.

Despite famously loving a well-done steak covered with ketchup, the President is believed to be increasingly favouring Dover sole as a main dish.

U.S. President Donald Trump is overhauling his diet (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)
U.S. President Donald Trump is overhauling his diet (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

He chose the fish on a recent visit to the Trump International Hotel, with the $64 fish accompanied by a side of brown butter and capers.

And while he’s still indulging in an apparent love of hamburgers, he opts to dump the top half of the bun in a bid to cut down.

Other increased changes include the introduction of vegetables into his diet, although it’s yet to be confirmed if he is eating them.

Describing the dietary changes, nutrionist Lisa Drayer believes that Trump could lose one pound per week if he sticks to the new regime.


‘You really have to start slowly. It’s not realistic to just revamp your diet overnight’, said Drayer.

‘It wouldn’t take much for him to just make a few key changes, like that steak or the burger. That could be the deficit right there.’

‘He really needs someone to sit down with him and give him a personalized approach so that it will stick with the long term’ Drayer said.

‘I think it’s never too late to change, but your metabolism does slow down with age.’

The health update comes ahead of an event on the White House South Lawn later today, which will see Trump extolling the benefits of physical fitness.

Accompanied by daughter Ivanka and a slew of US sports legends, he aims to reverse an apparent decline in youth sports participation.