Donald Trump Jr Makes False Claims About Democrats 'Justifying Pedophilia' with California Law

Donald Trump Jr made some explosive false claims about the Democratic Party during a Students for Trump event in Chandler, Arizona, on Tuesday, September 22, saying that a new California law was an example of the party “justifying pedophilia.”

Senate Bill 145 would give judges discretion in cases involving a young adult and a minor whether or not to place people convicted of statutory rape on the sex offender registry. The bill would stop automatic sex offender registration for young adults who have anal or oral sex with a minor, giving judges discretion, as is currently the case with cases involving vaginal intercourse. The bill also increases the maximum penalty for the most serious child pornography offenses.

“You know what the left is doing? They’re justifying Cuties, they’re justifying paedophilia. SB 135 in California – a 24-year-old can be with a 14-year-old!” says Trump Jr, mistakenly referring to the bill as SB 135 instead of SB 145. “At no point in my life ever will that be acceptable.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle, who, along with Charile Kirk of Turning Point USA, was one of the other speakers, then interjects, “That’s Joe Biden’s party, that’s the left.”

SB 145 does not justify or allow pedophilia. Sex between a minor and someone over the age of 18 carries with it a minimum charge of statutory rape.

The bill’s author, State Sen Scott Wiener, called Trump Jr a “liar” for his comments, according to 12 News. "SB145 was literally written by law enforcement, district attorneys and supported by the police chiefs,” Wiener said. The bill was cosponsored by Los Angeles District Attorneys and Equality California, and was supported by groups including California Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

At one point, Trump Jr asks, “Why did no mainstream politician in America even touch this issue? Why didn’t Obama fund it, why didn’t Bush fund it?” Members of the crowded shout in response, “Because they’re in on it!”

The response from the audience is a possible reference to QAnon, the unfounded conspiracy theory that posits that an elite cabal of satanic pedophiles, many of them Democrats, is running a global child sex-trafficking ring. Credit: Students for Trump via Storyful