Kim Jong-un to meet Trump by May after North Korea invitation

Julian Borger in Washington
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    The President of Peace.
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    This elevates NK to equal status. Is that good?
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    The Donald does it again
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    This would never have happened with Hilary in charge. Thank God Trump won.
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    I hope Marshall Kim puts a number on the table, and Trump says "sure". Lets put this whole NK story to rest. Maybe Kim is feeling some pressure for national development and peace with honours, and will take a nice pile of cash to surrender his weapons. There is no real reason NK cant come in from the cold.
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    Donald is only going so he can get advice from Kim about how to found a ruling dynasty in the US.
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    Inc WW3
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    David N.
    the saying goes, if you cannot win em join em then. Nkor will never surrender her nuclear weapon safe guarding the commie nation.
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    Happy, happy happy happy talk, talk about things you'd like to do...
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    Little Plum
    Both seem to be having a bad hair day