'Donald Trump is rolling into town and milking UK state visit for all it's worth'

·Royal Correspondent

Donald Trump is ‘clearly going to milk the state visit for all it’s worth,’ says one political journalist.

The US president and his wife Melania Trump will land in the UK on Monday 3 June for a three-day state visit.

But he won’t be alone.

“He’s [Donald] already said he’s bringing his entire family with him,” political commentator and journalist Daisy McAndrew told Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box.’

“President Obama had a state visit, he didn’t bring his children but we’re told that Trump’s bringing all children and partners and girlfriends.

“So he is rolling into town big style and he’s clearly going to milk it for all it’s worth.”

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President Trump had an audience with the Queen during his visit to the UK in July 2018 [Photo: PA]
President Trump had an audience with the Queen during his visit to the UK in July 2018 [Photo: PA]

According to White House sources, as well as his wife Melania, Mr Trump will be joined by his eldest daughter Ivanka, 37, and her husband Jared Kushner, 38.

His sons Don Jr, 41, and Eric, 35, and his wife Laura, 36 will also be on the trip, as well as the president’s other daughter Tiffany, 25.

The Trumps will not stay at Buckingham Palace during the state visit as the historic building is currently undergoing a major ten-year restoration project, estimated to cost taxpayers £365 million.

The President and First Lady first met the Queen in Windsor during a visit to the UK last July. During that trip, they stayed at the US ambassador’s official residence, Winfield House, in Regent’s Park.

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President Trump greets the Queen with a handshake last year [Photo: PA]
President Trump greets the Queen with a handshake last year [Photo: PA]

Last year, Mr and Mrs Trump were criticised for not bowing or curtsying to Her Majesty, and instead greeting her by shaking hands

McAndrew tells ‘The Royal Box’: “We know last time he ruffled some feathers by apparently not doing the correct bow when he met the Queen and Melania didn’t do the correct curtsy, but actually official advice is you don’t have to curtsy and bow, it’s considered good manners but it’s not absolutely necessary.”

The president was also said to have breached royal etiquette by walking in front of the Queen during his audience with her.

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He was invited to inspect the guard of honour and marched on ahead of her, before coming to an abrupt stop, forcing Her Majesty to walk round him.

On the first day of the state visit, Mr Trump and Melania will be given a ceremonial welcome in the garden of Buckingham Palace, followed by a private lunch with the Queen and the Duke of Sussex.

The couple will then be given a tour of Westminster Abbey with the Duke of York and then they will be taken to Clarence House for tea with the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. A state banquet will take place at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening.