Donald Trump planning 'sneak visit to Britain' within weeks


Donald Trump may visit the UK within weeks (Getty Images)

Donald Trump may ‘sneak’ in a visit to the UK in the next few weeks, after plans for his official state visit were quietly dropped by the Government.

The President could come to Britain on his way to France to celebrate Bastille Day on 14 July – although Downing Street has said it is not aware of any plans for an imminent visit.

Mr Trump will only confirm his visit to the UK Government 24 hours before his arrival, according to the Sunday Times.

Officials will then need to scramble together arrangements, including a possible meeting with Theresa May.

Anti-Trump campaigners are calling on The President’s opponents to be ‘on standby’ for street protests in the event of a visit.

1.8 million people signed a government petition to prevent Mr Trump from making a State Visit to the UK in February.

Facing the prospect of mass demonstrations he later told Mrs May that he did not want to go ahead with the visit unless it was supported by the British public.

However, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman told reporters at a regular Westminster media briefing on Monday: “I am not aware of any plans for the president to visit the UK in the next few weeks.”

The spokesman declined to discuss whether Mrs May would head up to Scotland for a meeting if the president decided to pay a visit to his golf courses in Aberdeenshire and Turnberry, Ayrshire.

Owen Jones, co-founder of Stop Trump Coalition, said: ‘Donald Trump is so cowardly he thinks he can sneak into the country to avoid protests.

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‘We have to prove him wrong. We’re asking Britain to be on standby to take to the streets with just hours notice if necessary.’

The President’s state visit appeared to have been axed after no mention was made of it in the Queen’s Speech last month.

The Prime Minister invited Mr Trump to the UK during a visit to the U.S. earlier this year – a move that was met with a barrage of criticism after a number of scandals involving the The President.

His latest in a string of controversies came as Mr Trump picked a fight with news channel CNN.

The President tweeted a bizarre video in which he can be seen punching a person whose head has been replaced with the CNN logo.

The clip concludes with a restyled CNN logo that reads ‘FNN: Fraud News Network’.

The video is one in a string of crude attacks against the media on the part of the President.

In a speech on Saturday Mr Trump called CNN ‘garbage journalism’.

He said: ‘The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House. But I’m President and they’re not.’

He also launched a vicious personal tirade against TV show host Mika Brzezinski last week.

The President claimed that Brzezinski was ‘bleeding badly from a face-lift’ when she visited his Florida resort last year.

The attack was widely slammed for its sexism, and for being ‘beneath the dignity’ expected of The White House.