Donald Trump reveals who he thinks will run against him for president in 2020 using racial slur

Clark Mindock
Trump says Warren may be his 2020 opponent: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump has said he thinks his 2020 presidential opponent will be liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, during a speech made to the NRA in Atlanta.

The president made the prediction at a speech to the National Rifle Association, referring to the senator by a nickname he gave her last year that some say is racially insensitive.

“It may be Pocahontas,” Mr Trump said before noting that Ms Warren isn’t a big fan of the NRA.

Ms Warren has been discussed as a potential 2020 candidate before and was considered to be one of the most effective foils for Mr Trump in the 2016 campaign. Before Hillary Clinton even won the Democratic nomination last year, Ms Warren had stood up to make a name for herself as a tough opponent to Mr Trump.

The senator from Massachusetts hasn’t warmed to the man who has become her president since. The former Harvard professor who has positioned herself largely as an anti-Wall Street and pro-banking regulations senator frequently characterizes Mr Trump as a billionaire false populist who is taking advantage of working class voters.

When asked, Ms Warren has generally ducked questions of a potential 2020 run, which has fueled some speculation that she may have plans to announce a bid after her reelection. She also recently published a new book. That book, titled This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class, has led some to wonder if she intends on using it as a launch pad for a White House bid.

Mr Trump, who is well known for coming up with nicknames for his political foes on the campaign trail, started calling Ms Warren “Pocahontas” after he learned that she has some Native American heritage. While her heritage has been disputed since then, Ms Warren contends that she has never furthered her career by using that heritage to her advantage in any way.

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