Donald Trump sent an aide to McDonald's because he didn't like his private chef's burgers

Donald Trump (Picture: AP Photo)
Donald Trump (Picture: AP Photo)

A year ago this week, Donald Trump stunned the world by beating Hillary Clinton to become the US President.

But when he moved into the White House last January, it appears that the culinary options weren’t always up to The Donald’s famously lofty standards.

So much so that he reportedly sent a private aide to fetch him a takeaway order of McDonald’s when he wasn’t satisfied with the quarter pounder that had been cooked up in the White House kitchen.

According to Politico, Trump often ordered chief bodyguard Keith Schiller to head out and satisfy his demand for a quarter-pounder with cheese and a fried apple pie.

Mr Schiller first joined the Trump Organisation as a security officer, before becoming Trump’s personal bodyguard and eventually taking on the role of Oval Office operations head.

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Donald Trump likes his steaks cooked well done (Getty Images)
Donald Trump likes his steaks cooked well done (Getty Images)

Trump’s relationship with Mr Schiller was reportedly so close that he personally entrusted him with delivering James Comey the letter that informed him he was fired as director of the FBI.

However, it remains to be seen whether there’s a new Burger buyer in the Trump administration, after Mr Schiller departed in September.

He subsequently made his return to Washington on Tuesday in order to testify before a closed session of the House intelligence committee as part of its Russia investigation.

Trump, meanwhile, is currently touring Asia, where he attempted to win favour with Chinese President Xi Jinping by sharing a video of his granddaughter Arabella singing in Mandarin.