Shocking video shows Trump supporter pushed to ground at London protest

A Trump supporter was pushed to the floor at a rally in London (ITV)

This is the moment a pensioner fan of President Donald Trump was violently pushed to the ground during an anti-Trump protest in London’s Parliament Square.

Protests against Mr Trump’s state visit have been held in central London this week with demonstrators flying the giant Trump baby balloon and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressing the protesters on Tuesday.

The footage shows protesters forcing the man to the ground while shouting ‘Donald Trump not welcome here’.

The Donald Trump supporter was violently knocked to the ground. (ITV)

After the elderly man was shoved to the floor, other protesters helped him to his feet.

One person can be heard saying to the people who pushed him to the floor: “When you act like that, you act like Donald Trump so don’t.”

The man wearing a red cap was pushed to the floor at the protest in London (ITV)

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Another Trump supporter was attacked with a milkshake by a group chanting ‘Nazi scum’ at the same protest.

NHS worker Siobhan Prigent has apologised on Twitter for screaming ‘Nazi scum’ at a President Trump supporter who was covered in milkshake at a protest earlier this week.

A video shows Ms Prigent and other protester shouting at the man before he is hit with a milkshake.

When questioned about the protests against him at a press conference with Theresa May yesterday, Mr Trump said he had hardly seen any and they were just another example of “fake news”.

The state visit has proved divisive in the UK with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn refusing to attend the state banquet.

Protesters have also been demonstrating in Portsmouth where President Trump is today. (GETTY)

Many protesters held signs saying: “Stop Racism Stop Trump”, “Climate change is really, your tan is not” or “Make America Great Again. Impeach Me.”

Although organisers hoped that as many as 250,000 people would attend the demonstration, it is thought that numbers were actually far fewer.