Donald Trump 'voiced concern' about being charged over Capitol Insurrection

David Millward
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Donald Trump  - Alex Edelman/AFP
Donald Trump - Alex Edelman/AFP

Donald Trump has reportedly voiced concern over the possibility of facing charges in connection with the January 6 Capitol riot which claimed five lives.

Even though Mitch McConnell voted to acquit the former president in the impeachment trial, the Senate Republican leader said Mr Trump was "practically and morally responsible" for what happened.

A similar view has been expressed by Liz Cheney, a member of the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives.

Also acting US Attorney General, Michael Sherwin did not rule out Mr Trump facing charges.

"We're looking at all actors here and anyone that had a role and, if the evidence fits the elements of the crime, they're going to be charged," he said.

According to CNN Mr Trump, who has largely stayed out of public view since leaving the White House, has mentioned his concern to aides.

Mr Trump was not at risk of criminal prosecution while he was in the White House. But legal experts have argued that the exemption no longer applies once he has left office.

Despite speculation that he would seek to pre-emptively pardon himself before the end of his presidential term, Mr Trump did not do so.

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Mr Trump faces other legal threats in addition to the fallout from the Capitol insurrection.

Prosecutors in Georgia have opened an investigation into whether Mr Trump illegally attempted to influence the outcome of the presidential election when, in a phone call which was taped, he asked its secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger to "find" 11,780 votes needed to flip the result.

In New York, Manhattan prosecutors have hired forensic accountants to investigate his real estate business amid allegations of tax fraud.

The Telegraph has approached Mr Trump's office for comment.