Donald Trump's high stakes civil rape trial is adding to his legal baggage

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What matters is justice, of course.

At the heart of this case is a woman, E Jean Carroll, who claims she was raped and has gone to court in pursuit of legal redress.

The process of justice in this civil trial will rest on a preponderance of evidence - the question for the jury is: "Was it more likely to have happened than not?"

It is a relatively low standard of proof in a case where the stakes are relatively high.

A court that decides in favour of Donald Trump's accuser brands him a rapist.

It would be a significant addition to the weight of legal baggage he's already carrying forward into a presidential campaign.

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He has put much energy into an effort to undermine his accuser, describing her as "fake" and dismissing her claims as "false accusations against a rich guy".

Mr Trump has claimed he never met her and that she wasn't his type.

They are strident assertions in public that aren't strengthened by the deposition made in private.

On video, we see him looking at a photo that shows him in the company of his accuser and he confuses her with his ex-wife.

A contradiction on two counts?

The court video provides a twist that surely gives jurors grounds to question his denial that he knew his accuser.

Just the kind of twist on which this case could turn.