My donations are principled – unlike the Democrats who support Maga candidates

<span>Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters</span>
Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

Robert Reich (History will judge Republicans who stay silent about the big lie, 11 September) criticises me and others who have supported Republican candidates.

Conspicuously, Mr Reich fails to make the same criticism of Democratic donors. Across the country, the Democratic party and its affiliates have given generously to support Maga candidates again and again. In Illinois, for example, the billionaire Democratic governor JB Pritzker and the Democratic Governors Association just spent $35 million to promote the Maga credentials of one Republican candidate. The transparent strategy was engineered to defeat a moderate Republican candidate. This is politics at its most hypocritical and cynical.

I proudly spend money to support politicians whose ideas, I believe, will secure a better future for America – and encourage others to do the same. I have supported politicians from both parties who are focused on education, thoughtful economic policies, crime prevention and national security. I will continue to use my resources to support the men and women who work to stop foolish policies that are destroying lives, devastating communities and weakening America.

If my actions in the public arena can play a small role in better educating our children, making our cities safer, and creating a thriving economy that rewards hard work by all, I’m more than happy to be judged on these results. I would submit that the issues of education, safety, and economic prosperity are far more important to ordinary Americans – and to the future of democracy – than Mr Reich’s partisan attacks.
Kenneth C Griffin
Chief executive officer, Citadel