'It's done us proud': 147-year-old Bury chip shop on market as owners set to retire

Sara and Gordon Taylor, owners of Wood Street Chippy <i>(Image: Gordon Taylor)</i>
Sara and Gordon Taylor, owners of Wood Street Chippy (Image: Gordon Taylor)

The owners of a 147-year-old fish and chip shop in Bury are looking for someone to take over the business ahead of their retirement.

Gordon Taylor, 64, and his wife Sara, 63, are looking to reel in the perfect new owner for Wood Street Chippy, which they have run since 2003.

After successfully running the business for two decades, the couple have decided it’s time to retire and are looking forward to travelling in their van and spending time with their family.

The chippy was originally put on the market two years ago and if a new owner doesn’t come forward by March this year, it could be the end of a business which has been a part of the community since 1876.

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The chippy and the adjoining building, which includes a two-bedroom maisonette, are currently on the market for £225,000.

Gordon says the job comes with freedom and flexibility and the chance to be an important part of the community.

He said: “ You’re your own boss so your destiny is in your hands, which is motivation to do a good job.

“You’re not just the chippy owner, you’re basically a hive of the community, we know hundred of people around here, we have that many loyal customers.

“You can’t go anywhere around here without somebody knowing you.”

Despite the rising cost of living, business is still going strong with many people returning to the shop again and again.

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“Our biggest complaint, if that is a complaint, is that we’re not open enough,” he added.

Gordon says that he and Sara have loved running the chippy over the years but feel now is a good time to hand over the business to someone new.

“As a whole, I wouldn’t change a thing, I have no regrets.

“When we bought this place 20 years ago, some people thought we were absolutely crazy because neither of us had done it before and 20 years later we’re ready to retire and we’ve been able to afford a nice life.

“it’s done us proud over the years.”

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The couple are prepared to give full training to anyone who buys the business and are more than willing to share what they’ve learned over the years.

Gordon said: “Quality and customer service [is key], do a good job and be friendly to people.

“We’re not just interested in taking people’s money, your customer service has got to be good.

“When we first bought the place, the people who we bought it from gave us a bit of advice which was ‘try and remember as many people’s names as you can’.

“Do a good job and be friendly, and it pays off in spades.”

Wood Street Chippy is listed for sale with Rosens.