‘Don’t Call Him A Rapper’: Rapper Will.i.am Issues Farcical Instructions To Interviewers

Will.i.am is proving to be more of a diva than Mariah Carey and touchier than Robert Downey Jr in an interview.

The Voice judge is issuing three-page lists of tyrannical demands to reporters before he grants them an audience.

His dictats include the instructions to remember he is “the first music artist to beam a song back to Mars” and not to call him a rapper.


The rapper, above, is also sticky about the way questions are delivered – he expects them short and sweet.

His list, which has gone viral after it was posted on Twitter by Daily Telegraph journalist Harry Wallop, covers three sides of A4 paper.

Part of it reads: ‘Questions should be one sentence, straightforward questions. Refrain from editorialising about the subject/theme prior to asking a question that will clutter the conversation.’


Page one of the instructions, above, titled ‘Tips for maximising your interview time with Will.i.am’, adds: ‘If he asks you to repeat… a question, this indicated that you need to ask crisper, more direct questions.

‘Once you have captured the information avoid asking questions that will require repeating the same information already shared.

‘If you need to get short answers to certain questions, bundle them into a “lightning round” towards the end of the interview.’

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