'I don't know' – Pep Guardiola responds to new question on Man City's 115 charges

Pep Guardiola couldn't help but swear when he was asked if Manchester City were well liked ahead of a potential record-breaking title.

The Blues are one win away from becoming the first side in English football to win the league for four years in a row, knowing that only West Ham stand in their way at the Etihad. Such a victory would cement their status as one of the best teams ever seen in the game as well as enhancing Guardiola's legacy as one of the best ever managers.

However, City have felt at times this season and in previous years that they have not had the credit they have deserved for their achievements, and the Premier League charges they are facing leave a cloud hanging over their achievements.

Until that is settled next season, the way that they built up a platform for Guardiola and his squad to thrive will remain under question.

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Guardiola, speaking ahead of the West Ham game, suggested that his team will get the credit for their work even if he doesn't know how popular they will be. "I don't know!" he said.

"Sometimes people ask me what I think people think of any subject and I don't think. I don't go knocking on doors asking what they think. I don't know, honestly.

"If you ask all the Premier League teams at the start of the season what would be the best position for the last game of the season, we are in the best position. I think [we will get the credit] In world football, for sure.

"Even if we don't win it, it has been so fine. Still we are here together and nothing is going to change whether we win four in a row or Arsenal win the Premier League. We know how good we have been."