'I don't have to listen to Donald Trump's wiretaps anymore,' David Cameron quips

Sean Morrison
Joke: David Cameron said he no longer has to listen to Donald Trump's 'wiretapped' conversations

David Cameron joked that he does not have to listen to Donald Trump’s “wiretapped” conversations anymore now that he is no longer prime minister.

He quipped that not having to tune in to his phone calls was one the main advantages of leaving office.

“Just to be clear, that’s a joke”, he added.

The former prime minister addressed the recent wiretapping scandal while speaking to more than 2,000 people at Brown University in Rhode Island on Monday.

Mr Cameron’s jokes referred to unsubstantiated White House claims that British intelligence helped former President Barack Obama spy on Mr Trump.

According to the Providence Journal, he also spoke of a recommitment of old values held by the US and UK.

The two nations must be "the guardians of freedom, of tolerance, of equality and, yes, of justice. Fight for them and we really will be great again," he said.

Mr Cameron said he was optimistic that despite the outcomes of the 2016 presidential election and the Brexit vote, tolerance rather than nationalism would be the way forward.