Don't Tell the Bride couple DON'T get married for first time in show's history

(Credit: E4)
(Credit: E4)

In a first ever, the couple featured in an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride have failed to tie the knot.

3 weeks to sort it, a £14,000 budget, and televised – what could possibly go wrong?

Plenty of contestants have said the words ‘I’m not doing it’ but have always come around.

The episode that aired on 31 January saw the only time where the bride decided not to go through with a legal marriage to her potential hubby that’s tasked with organising the entire thing – from the bride’s dress, to the catering, to the venue.

After a number of problems, such as bridesmaids unhappy with their attire and Sofia, 26, refusing to wear the wedding dress Craig, 32, picked out, her hapless fiance deciding to get married in a brewery was the final straw, as he tried to recreate an Oktoberfest-themed wedding.

(Credit: E4)
(Credit: E4)

Despite Sofia saying that she dreamed of a beach-style, hippie wedding, he opted to go with a ‘crazy, wild party’ and wanted to relive his former ‘wild party lifestyle.’

Ominously, she said: ‘If they can’t pick the things that you would want at a wedding, I don’t think you should get married to them.’

‘If he gets things really wrong and I don’t like anything, like, I actually just wont go,’ she quipped in her interview before the planning and wedding itself was executed.

But after seeing her dress, she declared: ‘I don’t want to get married to someone that nasty. I’d rather just stop now.’

‘At this point I’m done,’ she said, as she left the room.

(Credit: E4)
(Credit: E4)

Tuning up to the venue, the bride-to-be refused to go in and popped over the road to KFC to change out of her dress.

After an unconventional wedding day, the pair did finally tie the knot for guests and cameras, but didn’t complete the process legally, despite saying their vows.

Sadly, at the end of the show a paragraph of text came up explaining what had happened after the cameras had stopped filming.

‘At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship.’

And it left fans of the show amazed that they hadn’t actually been properly married.

(Credit: E4)
(Credit: E4)

The skeptics out there had their theories destroyed with this episode…

In truth, Craig’s Best Man didn’t exactly help the situation, as he encouraged his mate to go for the Oktoberfest thing, and the whole German thing went down like a lead balloon.

(Credit: E4)
(Credit: E4)

The groom saying, ‘It’s not what Sofia would want, but…’ probably should’ve been the first alarm bell.

‘I’m not sure how it’s going to go with us,’ was Sofia’s final words, before the show ended.

It was certainly the most awkward conclusion to an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride, that’s for sure.

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