Don't Try TikTok's Viral Blackhead Removal Hack, Says Skincare Expert

You'll only make things worse!
You'll only make things worse!

You'll only make things worse!

Spots seriously suck – and unfortunately we just can’t stop messing with them when one erupts on our skin.

Blackheads are the worst of all and it’s likely that if you’ve had one, you’ve tried to remove it.

TikTok hosts a wealth of skincare hacks and tips and ‘how to get rid of blackheads at home’ is a popular video topic on the platform.

However, one skin expert is now warning against using TikTok’s latest viral blackhead removal process after a video featuring DIY nose strips hit a whopping 14.1 million views.

In the video, TikTok user Armen Adamjan (@creative_explained) shows a skincare hack of creating your own pore strips using egg whites and layers of tissue paper (gross, we know).

Adamjan cracks an egg into a bowl, removes the yolk and brushes the egg white over his nose, before applying tissue paper. He repeats this process over and over before leaving the ‘blackhead removing strip’ to set and go hard for ten to fifteen minutes.

When he peels it off it appears to be jam-packed with blackheads – but is the hack really all that it seems?

Whilst the results may look satisfying, skincare expert and founder of Bedew Skin, Rachael Robertson says it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

She says: “Egg white does contain the enzyme lysozyme which could break down bacteria on the skin, however the whites of the egg are made mostly of water, so the benefits are very limited in comparison to a product designed for purpose.”

According to Robertson, the protein content of the egg might (emphasis on might) make skin feel tighter but this will only be a temporary effect.

As for the miraculous results, Robertson ain’t convinced: “The technique itself might work for surface level dirt and oil in sebaceous filaments which people often confuse for blackheads, but for actual blackheads it just isn’t going to cut it, they need proper extraction. I’m confident the video isn’t real and is not showing the actual result of what he pulled from his nose.”

The real answer to your blackhead woes? If they’re deep set, it’s time to see a specialist for help as no amount of poking and prodding will help, says Robertson.