Doorcam Catches Bear Darting Off After Ringing Bell

A bear wandering around Fairmont, West Virginia, was recorded ringing a home’s doorbell late at night on May 8, before darting away from the scene, doorcam footage shows.

Footage recorded off Dustin Smith’s Ring camera shows the bear propping itself up and ringing the bell before running away – seemingly frightened by the chime and the barking of a dog.

“It had been storming that night and my wife heard the Alexa say that there was someone at our front door,” Smith told Storyful. “She woke me up letting me know and I told her that there wasn’t anyone there.” Smith said he thought “something probably blew into the doorbell.”

The couple only realized the next day that it was a bear who was at their front door. Smith later shared the footage to Facebook, adding that he and his wife “were victims of the good old-fashioned ding-dong ditch.” Credit: Dustin Smith via Storyful

Video transcript