Doritos Is Bringing Back Its Mystery Flavor—But Now We Know What It Is

It's hitting shelves this fall.



It’s hard to keep up with all the different Doritos flavors, whether new or returning. Just this year, we’ve had the return of the Ketchup and Spicy Mustard flavors, the new Late Night Sizzlin’ Cheeseburger flavor, the introduction of Doritos Dinamita in four new fiery flavors, and the return of Blazin’ Buffalo Ranch flavored Doritos. And the year is only half over.

In the spring, Doritos also dropped a Flamin’ Hot Mystery Flavor, available exclusively at Walmart. On Instagram, the brand asked followers to guess the flavor.

“Tastes very Asian to me. Kinda like General Tso chicken. My guess would be flaming hot sweet spicy chili,” guessed one follower. Others said it tastes “curryesque, curry with coconut,” “ like flamin hot kettle corn,” and “it’s seriously taste like the chicken flavored instant Ramen soup base powder, but hot style.”

Were any of the guesses correct? Doritos just revealed what the mystery flavor was, and some of the guesses got very close.

​​Doritos Reveals Its Flamin’ Hot Thai Red Curry Flavored Chips

In a more recent Instagram post, Doritos unveiled the true flavor of the mystery chip, Flamin’ Hot Thai Red Curry, along with the news that it would be released under that name this fall.

The post also said spicy chips will also have a new look, and we assume that means the packaging, not the chip itself.

Not everyone is excited about yet another spicy flavor, though. “Okay, I'll get these, but can we PLEASE get some more chips that aren't about painfully blasting my mouth with fire?” asked one Doritos fan. “I want to enjoy a snack, not feel like I'm fighting for my life against a pack of wolves that are all on fire.” Another said, “Enough of the spicy shi*% that’s not for everyone. Please do a white cheddar queso.”

In a year when the majority of Doritos flavors have the word Flamin’ or Fiery in them, we don’t know if Doritos will oblige those with the more sensitive palates, but white Cheddar queso sounds pretty good to us. But then again, so does Flamin’ Hot Thai Red Curry.

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