Dormeo octasmart plus mattress review: A breathable hybrid designed to keep you cool

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We assessed its performance, support, design, unpacking process and more   (iStock/The Independent)
We assessed its performance, support, design, unpacking process and more (iStock/The Independent)

Considering we spend a third of our lives in slumber, we may as well do it right – and a good night’s sleep starts with a good mattress.

From Simba and Emma to Eve and Brook + Wilde, the competitive bed-in-a-box industry is packed with brands claiming to improve the quality of your sleep. Whether comprised of memory foam, springs, natural fillings or a mix of materials, there’s now plenty of choice out there.

One reliable name in the industry is Dormeo, an Italian brand that has been supplying sleep products since 2002. Alongside pillows, protectors, beddings and duvets, the brand is best known for memory foam products and for its “octaspring” technology. While most mattresses are comprised of either foam or springs, Dormeo’s octasmart plus model is a hybrid of the two – the brand claims that having both is best for your sleep.

But the market for hybrid mattresses is a saturated place – so what makes Dormeo stand out? For one, the brand claims its products don’t have the “sinking feeling” that people often don’t appreciate with memory foam models. Dormeo’s octasmart plus is said to provide all the pressure relief of foam but with the added support of traditional springs. The brand also claims that the mattress is eight times more breathable than a traditional foam version.

How we tested

We tried out the Dormeo octasmart mattress for two weeks, sleeping both on our own and sharing with another. Dormeo says it’s one of its most comfortable and cooling mattresses yet; luckily enough, we had a mini-heatwave while testing, so we were able to assess these claims.

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The hybrid composition is also thought to be a good option for those with back pain who are seeking better support, so we were intrigued to see if Dormeo’s mattress in any way helped to alleviate our pressure points. We also paid close attention to the unpacking process, its degree of bounce and any eco credentials.

Dormeo octasmart plus memory foam mattress, double

Buy now £299,

  • Sizes: UK single, small double, double, king, super king

  • Mattress depth: 17cm

  • Material: Six layers of different materials

  • Trial: 60 nights

  • Guarantee: 15 years

Design and features

With our flat’s tiny staircase and three flights of stairs, the fact that the mattress arriving tightly rolled and vacuum packed was a godsend. This space-saving approach not only creates a more seamless delivery process but also reduces its environmental impact, as fewer transportation lorries are required. As well as having a lower carbon footprint because of the reduced packaging, the brand’s mattress is also entirely recyclable. Plus, all of Dormeo’s octasmart products are free of harmful chemicals and emissions, and it has the certifications to prove it.

Unpacking our mattress was as easy as the delivery. We pierced through the plastic – taking care not to damage its cotton cover – and once it was uncovered, air fed into the mattress and it recovered most of its original shape within 15 minutes. A chemical smell is often a concern with memory foam mattresses, but the odour of this one dissipated quickly after unwrapping. We then placed it on top of our bed frame and left it for the recommended six hours.

The mattress is made up of six layers. The bottom protects against dust mites, mould and bacteria while the second layer uses breathable “ecocell” foam to absorb moisture and keep air flowing through the mattress. The third boasts Dormeo’s signature octasprings, which help alleviate pressure on your back, hips and shoulders. The top three layers of foam create a supportive base for your body, allowing the mattress to mould to your shape for optimum comfort. The cover is removable and can be dry cleaned.

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Dormeo uses its own octavent air system that claims to make its mattresses eight times more breathable while cooling your bed temperature by up to three degrees. This is all meant to help you doze off faster and stay asleep for longer.

Comfort and performance

It may be packed with smart features, but did it deliver a better night’s kip for our restless sleeper? Unlike some memory foam-based products, Dormeo’s mattress didn’t have that “sinking feeling” and we felt adequately supported at night. We certainly felt the difference sleeping on a hybrid compared to our old spring mattress, which never did much for our neck or back. After two weeks of sleeping on Dormeo’s, our pressure points did seem slightly improved and we’re sure this would only become more pronounced over time.

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When it came to sleeping on it with someone else, the level of disturbance when the other moved was considerably reduced, owing to the mattress being designed with three “body zones” that help evenly distribute your weight. This also benefits you when sleeping alone if you’re fidgety, allowing you to doze in a range of positions without ever feeling uncomfortable or waking yourself up.

Finally, an unexpected mini heatwave (and the lack of a fan in our bedroom) allowed us to fully test Dormeo’s claims of its cooling technology. We did feel noticeably less hot throughout the night and had a less interrupted sleep. We also woke up feeling more refreshed – and this was more apparent when sharing the bed.

The verdict: Dormeo octasmart plus memory foam mattress

You get a lot of bang for your buck with Dormeo’s octasmart mattress. While it’s firmer and more supportive than most memory foam mattresses, it doesn’t sacrifice any comfort – making it a great option for those who haven’t previously got on with more cushioned models.

The delivery process was both smooth and more sustainable, as is the eco-conscious design that makes the mattress entirely recyclable. Arriving neatly rolled, we were able to lay out our mattress within just a few minutes and it was ready to sleep on within six hours. As someone with moderate back and neck pain, the firmer build gave us the support we needed while the cooling technology helped to reduce our discomfort during balmy nights.

Buy now £299.00,

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