Budge up! Trio of orphaned dormice on the mend after being found in garden hedge

These three adorable endangered animals were found cold and hungry next to their dead mother in Cornwall, but are now on their way to recovery.

The survival of three adorable orphaned dormice was not certain when rescuers found them.

The endangered animals were discovered cold and hungry next to their dead mother in a garden hedge.

Luckily, homeowners Geoff Brown and Jen Bousfield acted quickly to save their cute lives.

Ms Bousfield drove the dormice 100 miles to Secret World Wildlife Rescue at East Huntspill in Somerset from their hamlet on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall.

The dormice go nutty for hazelnuts (SWNS)

The animals were found in August but have since put on weight after feasting on blackberries, hazelnuts and wild bird seed.

Dormice are famous for being sleepy - their hibernation can last up to six months.

Although the trio have made strides in their recovery, they will not be mature enough for release back into Ms Boulfield's garden in Middleton until next year.

The dormice have been nursed back to health by Debbie O'Keefe, of Secret World, with the help of her children Charlie, nine, and Harry, 12.

She said: "Christmas cake would not be good for them but I am sure we could drape some tinsel over their cosy tank where they nestle on a heat pad."